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Jackets, Coats and Specialty Jackets

Protection can be pinpointed for the specific job hazard with the proper combination of features in StaSafe® chemical coats and jackets. Our chemical jackets come in 30” and 36” lengths and are constructed with raglan sleeves to prevent binding across the back and offer a full range of motion. Our coats are available in 42”, 48”, 52” and 54” lengths. These high quality chemical jackets and coats can be manufactured from any StaSafe® chemical and abrasion-resistant PVC or CPE fabric.


Jackets & Coats
Jackets & Coats Coats and Jackets can be manufactured in many configurations; your needs dictate the construction. The standard center snap closure is designed for ease of donning and doffing. An under flap provides a barrier of protection from splashes. The side closure design is constructed to protect from direct frontal splashes providing chemical protection. The one-piece body panel is fastened by an offset side zipper covered by a 1½” flap. A breakaway zipper offers quick removal of the jacket in emergencies. Select Jacket designs/sizes are stocked and may ship within 2 business days. The remaining jacket and coat designs and sizes are manufactured to order. Use the Filter By function in the Existing Designs to narrow the results by required attributes. Video demonstrations on the installation and removal of the SealTite® Sleeve Insert and Gloves are available in the SUPPORT link on our website.
Dr. Jackets & Dr. Coats
Dr. Jackets & Dr. Coats This 42” long doctor style jacket is designed to provide full front and arm protection. It is also available as a 52” or 54” doctor style coat as well. The open back serves to ventilate the wearer and allows quick emergency removal. Adjustable straps snap or hook & loop close across the back of the neck, shoulders and waist to provide and individualized fit. Reinforcing bead is sewn around the collar for added durability. Dr. Coats and Dr. Jackets are manufactured to order. Video demonstrations on the installation and removal of the SealTite® Sleeve Insert and Gloves are available in the SUPPORT link on our website.
Switch Puller Jackets
Switch Puller Jackets The Switch Pullers Jacket manufactured from GraLite® 20 has been designed to provide protection from arcing at manual or automatic switching gear. The garment has a one-piece, 43” long solid front so it must be pulled on over the head and has standard sleeves. A gusset with a concealed hook and loop closure has been added to the front neckline to give an extra-large opening. The back extending from the shoulders to the waist has been pleated in two places for ease of donning and doffing. The opening below the waist provides complete freedom of movement and ventilation. No metal is used in the garment. This jacket eliminates the need for a heavy, bulky coat that is uncomfortable for the worker to wear. Switch Puller Jackets are manufactured to order.
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