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Blue Triple-dipped PVC Gloves The New Standard

Posted by: Standard Safety Company
Oct 2018

Effective with orders received on or after November 1, 2018, Standard Safety Equipment Company has changed the standard glove provided with our PVC garments from the Blue Polyette PVC glove to a Blue Triple-dipped Kevlar®-lined PVC glove providing additional hand protection on the job. The 079-6661 glove purchased from StaSafe® has a seamless lining made with Kevlar® adding cut resistance to the chemical protection provided by the gloves completing the SealTite® Sleeve joint.

Also available for purchase separately in cases of 6 pairs, is the StaSafe® 079-6660 glove, a blue PVC-coated cotton-lined chemical-resistant glove manufactured to complete the SealTite® Sleeve joint.

StaSafe® 079-6661 Series

Triple-dipped PVC-coated glove with a textured layer covering the hand portion of the glove to about the wrist and having a liner made with Kevlar® to provide cut resistance as well as chemical protection . This glove has ANSI Level 3 cut protection. The Kevlar® liner in this glove is recognizable by the yellow color.

Chemical Breakthrough Times In Minutes

Hydroflouric Acid 48% 369 min
Hydrogen Flouride 99% 27 min

Standard Glove with PVC Garments Available in Cases of 6 Pairs

Case Item # Glove Size Ships with Garment Sizes
079-6661-0602 Medium XS, S. M
079-6661-0603 Large L
079-6661-0604 X-Large XL
079-6661-0605 XX-Large XXL & up

StaSafe® 079-6660 Series

Triple-dipped PVC-coated glove with a rough textured layer covering the hand area providing a good grip and feel. The seamless cotton liner absorbs perspiration. Different from the 079-6661 glove, this glove has white cotton lining.

A vinyl bead of welting is sewn into the gauntlet portion of all Standard Safety gloves. This beading retains the plastic insert that is required to effect the SealTite® Sleeve joint.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LIABILITY: Standard Safety Equipment Company will not assume liability if our factory beaded gloves are not used in conjunction with our SealTite® Sleeve system.

Chemical Breakthrough Times In Minutes

Hydroflouric Acid 48% 156 min
Hydrogen Flouride 99% 13 min
Available in Cases of 24 Pairs
Case Item # Glove Size
079-6660-2402 Medium
079-6660-2403 Large
079-6660-2404 X-Large
079-6660-2405 XX-Large