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Our garments are produced with the intent of a long useful life.  To ensure the longest possible life follow our General Care & Maintenance Instructions for laundering and general garment upkeep.

Prior to donning any TEG garment, confirm that the appropriate inflation test was successfully performed on the suit. This test is designed to verify the garment’s gas-tight integrity.  This test does not guarantee fitness for use; it simply gives a quantitative measure of the ability of the suit to maintain a given internal air pressure.  This test meets the ASTM F1052 inflation test requirements to ensure the air tight integrity of the TEG/Level A garments 

The Shoulder Mount Hood is ideal for situations where both chemical splash and respiratory protection is needed. The hoods listed in the manual have been approved as a Type C—Supplied Air Respirator and do away with bulky facemasks while affording a freedom of movement and comfort not seen in any other hood.

Donning and Doffing garments correctly not only helps ensure safety of the wearer but also protects the garment and components from damage.  A helper is sometimes needed to assist in the process especially for garment with a rear or over-the-head entry.

This manual contains safety inspection, usage and maintenance instructions for the following Standard Safety products: STASAFE AcidMaster® and ChemMaster® Suits, STASAFE WorkMaster® Suits and other STASAFE TEGs.