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Valve Belt Assemblies

Assemblies are for use with Shoulder Mount, Shell and Maxi Vision Hoods with an airline. The heavy-duty polypropylene web belt provides firm support for the adjustable valve assembly which attaches to the hood airline hose. The belt also easily adjusts to assure the wearer’s comfort. Fittings are available in 1/4" and 1/2" sizes. Male fittings are standard if included on all valve belt assemblies.

Existing Designs

Choices include only the options in use on an existing design. Scroll down to see all available options.

Belt with an adjustable valve block installed on the side for easy access by the wearer. Choose one of five fittings to include with the assembly. Photo is shown with Hansen fitting.

Any asterisk (*) shown in an Item No. will be replaced with a combination of digits identifying all of the options selected.