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Garments for repair must be free from contamination, i.e. oil, grease, and/or discoloration. If residue is present it will produce an off -gas during the repair process.  For our operator's safety, we choose not to proceed with repairs on these contaminated garments.  The Decontamination Confirmation form must be completed, contain a hand-written signature and accompany all Standard Safety Equipment Company products returned for repair confirming the garment is free from contaminants and safe for our operators.  There are 4 sections in this form:  StaSafe Repair Information and Requirements, Form Instructions, Damage Identification forms for each type of garment we may repair and the fillable Decontamination Confirmation form.   As a convenience for users familiar with the process, each informational screen has an Action Button allowing the user to bypass the informational and instructional pages to go directly to the fillable form. The Form Instructions section is broken into 2 sections: Basic Instructions, a half-page one-line step prompters and Detailed Instructions which lead the user in a step-by-step process to complete the Return for Repair process and Decontamination Confirmation.

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