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Chemical Garments | Reusable Chemical Gear
REUSABLE CHEMICAL GEAR Standard Safety Equipment Company produces a variety of high quality chemical protective garments designed with the wearer's safety as the forefront. Our reusable chemical protective clothing is in use in many refineries. All of the garments are available in sizes XS through 7XL and are sold as a unit quantity of 1unless otherwise stated in the specific product information. Our reusable acid gear is made to order; the complete Item Number is dependent upon the options chosen. Any asterisk (*) shown in a Item Number will be replaced with option configuration identifying digits.
Replacement Parts
Replacement Parts StaSafe® fabrics and garments are manufactured to last for many years. Field replaceable parts can extend the garments useful life and keep it in the workforce longer without having to send the garment back to us for minor repairs.
ac units & air hoses
AC Units & Air Hoses Air-conditioning devices are available to provide cooled air to any air-supplied product excluding the NIOSH approved products. Improve worker’s comfort level by cooling the air, thus cooling the wearer while reducing the chances of heat stress. The hose assembly is required by NIOSH when using our approved configurations. In addition, this hose can be used with any Standard Safety Equipment Company items that require ventilation.
Gloves and Accessories
Gloves & Inserts StaSafe® gloves provide maximum dexterity and protection against a wide range of industrial chemicals, acids and caustics. IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LIABILITY: Standard Safety Equipment Company will not assume liability if our factory beaded gloves are not used in conjunction with our SealTite® Sleeve system.
belts assemblies
Valve Belt Assemblies Assemblies are for use with Shoulder Mount, Shell and Maxi Vision Hoods with an airline. The heavy-duty polypropylene web belt provides firm support for the adjustable valve assembly which attaches to the hood airline hose. The belt also easily adjusts to assure the wearer’s comfort. Fittings are available in 1/4" and 1/2" sizes. Male fittings are standard if included on all valve belt assemblies.