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SealTite® Sleeve Joints

StaSafe® SealTite® Joints have minimized the leakage hazard sometimes present between the glove and sleeve cuff when properly installed. SealTite® sleeves provide a liquid-tight, vapor-tight seal when worn with one of our beaded gloves to offer optimum protection from chemical splashes at the wearer’s wrist and forearm.

To obtain this seal, a rigid plastic insert is placed inside the glove gauntlet and held in place by a beading at the top of the glove. This beading prevents the insert from backing out of the glove. The molded tapered cuff at the sleeve opening provides a seamless, stretchable seal that fits snugly with the glove and tapered insert assembly. The seal is formed by pulling the glove and tapered insert through the inside of the sleeve to the cuff, thus providing a liquid-tight/gas-tight sleeve assembly.