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Sewer Covers

If you have ever seen a sewer explosion, you will never forget it. Blocks of sewers ripped up. Manhole covers hurtling through the air like ping pong balls causing widespread damage and often, injury. The tragedy is, many of these explosions could have been easily prevented by guarding against ignition of explosive gases trapped in manholes. The StaSafe® Manhole Cover Safety Pool is made of flexible GraLite® fabric with armored seams. It folds easily and stores compactly. To use, simply spread over the manhole cover and fill with water. Sparks from overhead welding, molten metal or similar sources of ignition, are quenched by water and never contact gas in the manhole. Also, since water catches spark, there is no danger of charring through the fabric to ignite gases. GraLite® fabric is lightweight, won’t support combustion, stays flexible at low temperature and, when filled, tightly hugs the surface of manhole covers. Material is quickly and easily cleaned; grease and oil wipe off in seconds. The abrasion resistance of GraLite® compound assures longer pool life. With the StaSafe® Safety Pool no special weights are needed, water does all – even adjusts pool shape to contours of the surface. Custom sizes available upon request.

Existing Designs

Choices include only the options in use on an existing design. Scroll down to see all available options.

These covers, when filled with water, maintain their shape and mold to the variations in the floor or pavement to provide protection.  Contact Us if you require a size not listed here.
For those times when a square cover is required.  Contact Us if you are interested in a different size.

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