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Replacement Parts

StaSafe® fabrics and garments are manufactured to last for many years. Field replaceable parts can extend the garments useful life and keep it in the workforce longer without having to send the garment back to us for minor repairs.


Buckle Replacement buckles for the various garments and belt assemblies utilizing the buckle closure.
Headgear StaSafe garments are manufactured to last. The headgear takes a lot of wear and tear and may break down before the end of the garments useful life. Headgear replacements can keep your garments usable for a longer period of time.
Replacement Windows
Replacement Windows Most of our sealed windows can be protected by a clear-replaceable Cover Window. Due to the various sizes and shapes, Cover Windows are designed to fit specific products. In most cases, replacement Cover Windows are available in packs of 12 unless otherwise noted.
SealTite® Inserts
SealTite® Inserts StaSafe® SealTite® Joints have minimized the leakage hazard sometimes present between the glove and sleeve cuff. SealTite® sleeves provide a liquid-tight, vapor-tight seal when worn with one of our beaded gloves to offer optimum protection from chemical splashes on the wearer’s forearm.
TEG Hardware
TEG Hardware Field installable replacement TEG Exhaust Valve.