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Protect Your Employees From Chemicals, Bacteria, and Viruses

Posted by: Standard Safety Equipment
Oct 2017

If you're overseeing any number of workers in a dangerous industry, safety should be your main focus above all else. Not only do you have to ensure that each member of your team is fully trained on how to properly handle each dangerous task, you have to also equip each individual employee with protective gear. Be sure that you’re providing your workers enough equipment to help them with their daily tasks, as well as any emergency situations that might arise. 

Here is some of the equipment necessary for ensuring a safe workplace. 

total-encapsulating-garmentStandard Eye Protection Gear
Unfortunately, thousands of workers are blinded each year due to work-related injures that could’ve been prevented with the proper use of eye protection. By not providing proper face protection, not only are you risking the safety and well-being of your employees, but your company could find itself in financial ruin. Eye injuries cost American companies more than $300 million each year due to lost production time, medical expenses, and workers’ compensation. 

Chemical Protective Garments
In addition to eye and face protection, if your employees are working with extremely dangerous chemicals and products, it’s important that every inch of their skin is fully covered. Finding completely airtight hazmat suits with respirators should be your number one priority before sending any employee out on the job. Make sure each member of your team is completely protected from any chemical, bacteria, or virus. 

Protective Gloves and Inserts
Don’t forget about gloves, either. You can’t just rely on your employees to bring their own work gloves to the job because they might not be nearly sufficient enough. Every member of your team should have quality safety gloves that provide maximum dexterity and protection against a wide range of industrial chemicals, acids and caustics. 

It’s important, however, to keep in mind that no single item guarantees 100% workplace safety. You and your employees will have to be as careful as possible while performing any task on the job. 

Buying made-to-order chemical protective garments is a much better option, too. Rather than buying chemical suits off the rack, which might not fit all your employees, get custom protective garments to fully ensure protection for each and every one of your workers. Customization is very important when it comes to safety attire, but not every manufacturer accommodates to the custom needs across various industries. If you need high quality, custom chemical protective garments and other industrial chemical protective equipment, contact Standard Safety today.