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Standard Safety Equipment Company produces a variety of high quality chemical protective garments designed with the wearer's safety as the forefront. Our reusable chemical protective clothing is in use in many refineries. All of the garments are available in sizes XS through 7XL and are sold as a unit quantity of 1unless otherwise stated in the specific product information. Our reusable acid gear is made to order; the complete Item Number is dependent upon the options chosen. Any asterisk (*) shown in a Item Number will be replaced with option configuration identifying digits.


Jackets & Coats
Jackets, Coats, and Specialty Jackets Protection can be pinpointed for the specific job hazard with the proper combination of features in StaSafe® chemical coats and jackets. Our chemical jackets come in 30” and 36” lengths and are constructed with raglan sleeves to prevent binding across the back and offer a full range of motion. Our coats are available in 42”, 48”, 52” and 54” lengths. These high quality chemical jackets and coats can be manufactured from any StaSafe® chemical and abrasion-resistant PVC or CPE fabric.
Bib Overalls
Bib Overalls The comfortable, full-cut design of StaSafe® bib overalls offers lower body and leg protection. This rugged overall has a reinforcing bead sewn from the sides of the bib across the back to give additional strength and form; a unique feature found only in StaSafe® bib overalls. The straps are polypropylene webbing with chemically resistant plastic bayonet fasteners and sliders for convenience and proper fit. Bib Overalls are manufactured to order. The last four digits of the Item Number are based on the combination of options selected.
Coveralls The chemical-resistant coverall protects the wearer from the neck to the ankle. A one-piece front panel with a zipper (standard or pressure-sealing) opening at the side provides the best frontal protection against chemical splashes. Coveralls are also available with a center-opening front panel. Many other options are available to customize the Coverall to best suit your needs. Coverall designs are manufactured to order. Video demonstrations on the installation and removal of the SealTite® Sleeve Insert and Gloves are available in the SUPPORT link on our website.
NIOSH Approval TC-
NIOSH Approved Jacket/Hood Combinations and Hoods Specially designed StaSafe® Shoulder Mount Hoods and Jacket/Hood Combinations have a NIOSH Approval as a Continuous-Type C Flow Class respirator. The NIOSH approval allows the wearer to enter areas that are not immediately dangerous to life or health without the need of a cumbersome tight-fitting respirator. Video demonstrations on the installation and removal of the SealTite® Sleeve Insert and Gloves are available under SUPPORT.
Hoods A selection of Hoods has been created to meet all your needs. Cape Hoods fit directly over a hard hat and provide protection to the neck from overhead drips, the Shell Hood has adjustable ratchet headgear attached to a sturdy fiberglass frame, the Shoulder Mount Hood allows the weight of the hood to be carried on the shoulders and the Maxi Vision Hood provides a wide-angle vision range. Ventilation air is regulated by a valve, belt and hose assembly (not included). A NIOSH approved Hood version is also available (See NIOSH Approved Jacket Hood Combos and Hoods in the Navigation Menu on the left side of screen). View each Hood category below for more detailed information. 077-3674 Shell Hood pictured.
Half-C Suits
Half-C Suits This one-piece hood/jacket garment design eliminates the risk of pressurized chemical splashing between the hood and the jacket. An adjustable air valve allows the wearer to control the amount of ventilation air to the wearer. The SealTite® sleeve provides a liquid-tight, vapor-tight seal to offer optimum protection from splashes at the wearer’s forearm. If needed, the garment can accommodate many forms of respiratory equipment for your specific application. Choose between 4 different hood/jacket types to best suit your needs. NIOSH APPROVED JACKET/HOOD COMBOS ARE IN A SEPARATE CATEGORY (See NIOSH Approved Jacket Hood Combos and Hoods in the Navigation Menu on the left side of screen). Click on VIDEOS above to watch video demonstrations on the installation and removal of the SealTite® Sleeve Insert and Gloves.
Total Encapsulating Garments
Total Encapsulating Garments Reusable Level-A Total Encapsulating Garments are a great solution for your worker’s needs. Selecting an AcidMaster®, ChemMaster® or WorkMaster® has much of the garment design completed for you; customize the garment further with a selection of gloves, optional foot protection, vent system, air pass-throughs, AC, or reinforcing patches at the knee, elbow or crotch – some areas your workers put to the test. Our complete line of TEG’s may be customized to meet your specific needs. We also have a TEG Training Suit for an economical way to train your workers to properly donn and doff the garments.
Bib Aprons
Bib Aprons StaSafe® acid-resistant aprons manufactured in our PVC fabric are ideal for all types of work situations from chemical to industrial. All StaSafe® fabrics are highly resistant to punctures and tearing. The bib apron was designed specifically to eliminate bothersome apron bulge. The snug fit over the chest and smooth, tapered cut of the fabric under the arms close the gaps that many bib aprons present. The nylon apron strings give extra strength. Plastic grommets are installed around the holes to protect and reinforce the area where the strings attach to the apron. Machine washable.
Nomex®-lined Garments
Nomex®-lined Garments For those situations where chemical resistant clothing is not enough we have designed an ensemble of Bib Overalls, a Jacket and a Shoulder Mount Hood with added protection. These items are designed to not only provide chemical resistance but offer some protection from ambient heat sources. They are manufactured from our CPE fabric and are lined with Q9 quilted Nomex® that resists higher temps.