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30" Jacket in WinterGlo 20 Center Zipper Closure Snap Flap Double Sleeves Snap Outer Cuff

  • 30"
  • WinterGlo 20 fabric
  • Center zipper closure
  • Snap flap over closure
  • Double sleeves with elastic cuff and a snap outer cuff
Fabric: WinterGlo 20
Length: 30"
Units: Each
Closure: Center Zip - Snap Flap
Sizes: All Sizes
Hood Options: No Parka Hood
Sleeves: Double Sleeve with Elastic Gathered Inner Cuff and Snap Outer Cuff
Additional Options:

Available options:

  • Imprinted
  • Addition of 1 or 2 pockets available
  • +/- 3" increments to sleeve length available
  • Addition of a hang-up loop
  • Retrieval D-Ring