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Heavy Duty Neoprene Gloves


According to the glove manufacturer – this glove has “superior chemical resistance against acids and alkalis, such as concentrated hydrofluoric acid, oils, and greases” It also offers some insulation from hot liquids due to the cotton lining.  A vinyl bead of welting is sewn into the gauntlet portion of the glove.  This beading retains the plastic insert that is required to effect the SealTite® Sleeve joint. 

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING LIABILITY:  Standard Safety Equipment Company will not assume liability if our factory beaded gloves are not used in conjunction with our SealTite® Sleeve system.

Chemical BreakthroughTimes in Minutes

Hydrogen Fluoride 99% >480
Sulfuric Acid 95-96% 260

Available in cases of 4 pairs.

Heavy Duty Neoprene Gloves
Size Small - typically used for garment sizes XS and S
Heavy Duty Neoprene Gloves
Size Medium - typically used for garment size M
Heavy Duty Neoprene Gloves
Size Large - typically used for garment size Large
Heavy Duty Neoprene Gloves
Size X Large - typically used for garment sizes XL - 7XL