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Custom Imprinting

We offer custom imprints that are permanently sealed to the garments and available in various colors. Many customers have a unique logo that we digitize and seal to our garments. We can add markings to the garments i.e. stripe on leg or arm to reflect added sleeve length, garment size, and Level A through D imprints to reflect the EPA or UOP garment classifications. Additional imprints may be available. Contact Customer Service for quotation for your specific application.

These are some examples of imprinting customers have requested. For proprietary reasons, we cannot show examples of customer logos imprint designs.

Imprint Fabric Swatches

On Back of Jacket

On Leg of Bib Overalls

Close-Up of Imprint on Leg of Bib Overalls

On Back Of Jacket

Close-Up of Imprint on Back of Jacket

On Chest of TEG