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Patching Kits - Field Repair Only

Patch Kit

StaSafe® Repair Kits are available for minor, field-repairable snags or rips. Recommended for use when rips or cuts are not more than 1” long or 3/8” diameter.  The fabric swatches are 8” X 10”; the can of adhesive is sold separately.

Contact Customer Service for information.

Factory repairs may be available.  See FORMS under SUPPORT in the Menu Bar for Factory Repair criteria.



Patching Kits
Clear Patch
For 20 mil clear vinyl fabric
Patching Kits
CPE Patch
For CPE Fabric
Patching Kits
FlexLite Orange Patch
For Flexlite Orange Fabric
Patching Kits
GraLite Patch
For GraLite and GraLite 20 Fabric
Patching Kits
HiGlo Patch
For HiGlo Fabric
Patching Kits
WinterGlo Patch
For WinterGlo and WinterGlo 20 Fabric